Cage traps are usually set on the ground and a major disadvantage is that they catch other animals and birds when set for squirrels.  The bait may also be stolen by mice.  It is plain that a trap will not catch a squirrel if the bait has been stolen or if it already holds a very unhappy hedgehog or blackbird!

It is known that squirrels held captive in open cage traps on the ground suffer trauma and often injure themselves in their frantic efforts to escape.  They are also vulnerable to attack by predators that have been known to inflict terrible injuries on the stricken animal.  Animal welfare experts recommend that cage traps should always be covered in a black plastic bin liner to reduce the stress in captured animals.

It is the law that set traps must be inspected at least once every day and live captured grey squirrels dispatched humanely without delay.

Cage Traps

The Elgeeco is designed to catch squirrels.  It is more humane because it does not catch and cause unnecessary distress to non-target animals and birds.

The Elgeeco does not kill or maim and is safe and simple to use.

The Elgeeco attracts and feeds tits and finch size birds.

Pre-baiting, which tends to attract other vermin, is not necessary with the Elgeeco.

The Elgeeco trap causes less distress to captured squirrels because they are up off the ground  and away from the unwelcome attention of foxes, crows, cats and dogs.

The Elgeeco trap is particularly useful in gardens, parks and woodland.  During side-by-side trials with the other cage and spring traps, the Elgeeco was consistently the most effective.

The Elgeeco is a visible attraction to squirrels and birds.  It is known that the activity of birds around a feeder will attract the interest of squirrels.

When located in a suitable position, it can be checked regularly from a distance without having to leave your house or vehicle.

Whilst the Elgeeco trap is designed to be attached to a tree trunk, the side of a fence or building; it can also be used horizontally with the treadle adaptor provided.  .

The Elgeeco Squirrel Trap and Bird Feeder

Elgeeco Squirrel Trap and Bird Feeder

The Elgeeco Squirrel Trap and Bird Feeder


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A professional size cage trap for grey squirrels

The recommended length for a grey squirrel cage trap is not less than 60 cm